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PERI company history

Milestones of our company

Embark on a journey with us through the eventful history of the company. Our corporate development is characterized by progressive formwork and scaffolding products as well as fascinating buildings.

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PERI is founded and the first production hall is built on the 6,000 m² company premises in Weissenhorn.

Founding of the company

Artur Schwörer founds the company PERI together with his wife Christl. The company's aim is the rationalization of building with concrete. Construction work is meant to become easier, faster and safer. The first production hall is built in Weissenhorn.

PERI logo

PERI is a Greek prefix and means "around". The formwork surrounds the concrete - the scaffold surrounds the building.

Company premises

The first production hall is built on the 6,000 m² company premises in Weissenhorn.

PERI team

The first PERI team with Karl Müller, Josef Schwatzer, Josef Madel, Nikolaus Bechthold, Günther Bohatsch, Alfred Fuchs and Bruno Konrad (from the left).

T 70 wooden lattice girder

The first girder is produced, the PERI T 70 is born. T stands for the German word "Träger" (girder) - 70 for the chord thickness in millimeters. The first order was for 80 girders with a length of 3.05 m. The girders were impregnated by hand with a sponge over a plastic tub and directly loaded on the waiting truck. The annual output was about 50,000 linear meters.

1970 - 1971

The first major order, the first bauma and the first handbook.

Scharnebeck ship lift

The world´s biggest twin vertical ship lift close to Lüneburg in Germany connects the Mittelland Canal and the River Elbe, bridging a height difference of 38 m. It is the first major contract for PERI. Extra-long T 70 formwork girders are used for the construction.

bauma 1971

For the first time, PERI takes part in bauma in Munich and presents the T 70 girder and the Culvert Frame Formwork.

PERI Handbook

The first issue is distributed at the first bauma in 1971 and it is a little sensation: A comprehensive volume for the formwork market with color photos, tables and work instructions.

1972 - 1975

The first branch offices and subsidiaries are established.

New PERI subsidiaries

France – 1974
Switzerland – 1974
Spain – 1975

First subsidiaries in Hamburg and Stuttgart

PERI expands within Germany. The first subsidiaries are founded in Hamburg and Stuttgart in 1972.

KGF 240 Climbing Scaffold

In 1973, the world's first climbing scaffold increases the safety and work speed at the jobsite. The bold design rationalizes the construction of high-rises enormously because formwork and scaffolding can be moved in one crane lift.

PERI subsidiaries in Europe

The first subsidiaries abroad are established in Switzerland and France in 1974.

Enlargement of the plant in Weissenhorn

The plant in Weissenhorn is continuously enlarged in order to meet the increasing demand.

1976 - 1978

The "PERI Aktuell" customer magazine is published and the plant in Weissenhorn grows.

"PERI Aktuell"

In February 1976, the first issue of the "PERI Aktuell" customer magazine is published.

Enlargement of the production facilities

In 1976, the PERI plant consists of four production halls, large storage areas and an outdoor product exhibition. PERI buys the first EDP system the same year.

Formwork assembly

The large order for Germany's largest nuclear power plant in Gundremmingen leads to the foundation of the formwork assembly in Weissenhorn.

1979 - 1983

PERI gets a new company logo, and the first subsidiary outside Europe is founded.

New PERI subsidiaries

Belgium – 1979
Netherlands – 1979
USA – 1982
Italy – 1983

Working at the drawing board

The design engineers working in the technical office in Weissenhorn.

New PERI logo

After ten years, the black and yellow company logo is replaced by a new one in 1979. For the first time, the logo also shows the color red. Construction work in Weissenhorn goes on, the sixth hall and the main office building are erected.

MODUL Slab Formwork

In 1980, PERI sets another milestone with the MODUL Slab Formwork made of aluminum.


The first subsidiary outside Europe is founded in the United States of America.

1984 - 1988

The TRIO panel formwork becomes the leading panel formwork in Europe.

Wooden lattice girder GT 24

As a further development of the T 70 V with a height of 36 cm, the new wooden lattice girder GT 24 offers more flexibility at the jobsite maintaining the same dimensional stability with a 12-cm lower height.

PERI in Weissenhorn

The plant grows extremely fast. Large production halls and outdoor storage areas are part of the company premises.

RAPID Column Formwork and Circular Formwork

PERI causes a sensation with the RAPID Column Formwork and the innovative Circular Formwork with articulated walers.

Neues PERI Logo

"Schalung und Gerüste" (formwork and scaffolding) becomes part of the PERI logo from 1985-1989.

Atatürk dam

The movable SKS Single-Sided Climbing Formwork begins its international success story with the construction of the world's third largest dam in Turkey.

TRIO Panel Formwork

The universal TRIO Wall Formwork system is launched and convinces with few different individual components. It stands for fast forming and becomes the market-leading system within a few years.

1989 - 1991

PERI invests DEM 14 million in Weissenhorn and opens the first production facility outside Germany in Turkey.

New PERI subsidiaries

Great Britain – 1989
Turkey – 1990
Hungary – 1990
Singapore – 1991
Malaysia – 1991

ACS Self-Climbing System

A milestone in self-climbing technology: PERI introduces the ACS. Climbing takes place with the hydraulic climbing mechanism without the use of a crane. Comfortable working platforms protect site personnel during all weathers.

CAD software

73 modern CAD work places replace the drawing boards in Weissenhorn. Production robots and PC-controlled warehouse technology are also acquired and the powder-coating system is commissioned.

Further development of PERI logo

The PERI logo is adjusted: The words "Schalung und Gerüste" (formwork and scaffolding) become more pronounced against the yellow background and they also remind of the first black-yellow PERI logo.

1992 - 1994

Innovations made of aluminum make life at the jobsite easier, and PERI is 25 years young.

New PERI subsidiaries

Austria – 1992
Czech Republic – 1992
Denmark – 1993
Finland – 1993
Norway – 1993
Sweden – 1993
Poland – 1993
South Korea – 1994
Portugal – 1994

SKYDECK Slab Formwork with drophead system

PERI introduces the lightweight SKYDECK Slab Formwork at bauma 1992. It is designed with a drophead system and allows for early striking so that the on-site material requirements can be reduced.

MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props

Low weight, high load-bearing capacity, an integrated measuring tape and the self-cleaning thread are the basis for the rapid success of MULTIPROP around the world.

150,000 m² of company space

The company premises in Weissenhorn are enlarged by 40,000 m² to 150,000 m².

Oresund connection, Denmark-Sweden

A purpose-built field factory produces the tunnel segments in a dry dock. The individual tunnel elements are towed out to the open sea using pontoons and then sunk to their designated positions on the seabed.

25 year of PERI

PERI has 13 branch offices in Germany, 22 subsidiaries and supports more than 4,000 customers around the world. The product portfolio includes more than 2,000 products. In Weissenhorn, the new exhibition hall for product demonstrations is finished.

ELPOS software

The ELPOS computer program sets new standards in work preparation for the planning and dispatching of PERI standard systems.

1995 - 1998

PERI has been on the internet since 1997 and successfully starts with the scaffolding business.

New PERI subsidiaries

Canada – 1995
Brazil – 1996
Argentina – 1996
Chile – 1996
Romania – 1996
Slovakia – 1996
Australia – 1997
UAE – 1997

Heading into a new continent | PERI Australia Pty. Limited

The subsidiary was founded in Sydney to provide innovative solutions to all the facets of the formwork engineering industry, across the Australia and Oceania!

QUATTRO Column Formwork

The new solution for columns means an enormous reduction of crane time at the jobsite because the complete column including push-pull props and concreting platform can be moved in one lift.

Petronas Towers

The ACS Self-Climbing System ensures smooth construction progress during the building of the then highest building in the world with 452 m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

PERI UP Scaffolding System

PERI starts its activities in the scaffolding market with the development of the PERI UP Scaffolding System. The PERI UP T 72 facade scaffold with T-frames and guardrail in advance is safe and efficient.

New administration building

With the Quadragon, an ultra-modern office building for the PERI staff in Weissenhorn is realized.

1999 - 2004

Many terrific buildings are constructed with PERI knowhow and material from Weissenhorn.

New PERI subsidiaries

Ukraine – 2000
Bulgaria – 2000
Estonia – 2002
Lithuania – 2002
Latvia – 2003
Mexico – 2003
Serbia and Montenegro – 2003

Viaduc de Millau

The 2.5 km long cable-stayed bridge in France is constructed using special steel formwork, which rises upwards cycle-by-cycle with the help of the ACS Self-Climbing System. At that time it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

New PERI logo

The horizontal arrow symbolizes the increasing market presence and the growing number of satisfied customers. The vertical arrow stands for the improvement in quality of all PERI services.

From a sculpture to a building

Due to its torsion-like architecture, the 190-m high office and residential complex Turning Torso in Sweden requires a particularly efficient formwork concept with ACS climbing units.

Girder production

20,000 linear meters of girders are produced per day with the fully automatic production plant.

2005 - 2007

The VARIOKIT engineering construction kit and the MAXIMO panel formwork cause a sensation in the industry.

New PERI subsidiaries

Croatia – 2005
Japan – 2006
Russia – 2006
India – 2007
Kazakhstan – 2007
Qatar – 2007
Belarus – 2006


The pilot project for serially manufactured 3-D formwork units for the construction of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart in Germany sets new standards in formwork technology.

Investment for the future

PERI enlarges its production space by 80% and doubles its logistics and material planning areas. All in all, PERI invests about EUR 80 million in Weissenhorn.

RCS Rail Climbing System

The system, which can be supplied optionally with or without hydraulic technology, can be perfectly adjusted to jobsite-specific requirements.

MAXIMO Wall Formwork

PERI presents for the first time at bauma the MAXIMO Panel Formwork with single-sided MX tie technology.

Cameron LNG liquefied natural gas tanks

In the US federal state of Louisiana, three giant liquefied natural gas tanks are built with PERI know-how. Each structure has a diameter of 80 m and wall heights of 44 m.

Next generation

The founder of the company, Artur Schwörer (deceased in 2009), hands over the management of the company to his two sons Alexander and Christian in 2007.

VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit

For load combinations in tunnel, bridge and building construction, PERI provides for the first time a construction kit consisting of standardized, rentable system components and connecting elements.


The biomass power plant at the central production site in Weissenhorn is a symbol of combined economic and ecological sustainability at PERI.

2008 - 2009

While PERI becomes active on the industrial scaffold market, the whole company mourns the death of the company’s founder, Artur Schwörer.

New PERI subsidiaries

Panama – 2008
Peru – 2008

Sheikh Khalifa Bridge

With a length of 1.455 km and the impressive width of 60 m, the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge connects the mainland of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates with Saadiyat Island.

Artur Schwörer is awarded the "Bayerische Verdienstorden" (Bavarian Order of Merit) 

In 2008, Artur Schwörer is awarded the "Bayerische Verdienstorden" (Bavarian Order of Merit) for his lifetime achievements, the highest award to be awarded in the German federal state of Bavaria. In 2009, Artur Schwörer dies at the age of 76.

PERI UP Flex Industrial Scaffold

With the flexible modular-type PERI UP Flex Scaffold, PERI starts its activities for industrial scaffold applications.

850 truckloads of material for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport

PERI supports the construction site team with different types of system formwork, among them huge amounts of slab, wall and column formwork. PERI's service also includes the planning and delivery of accordingly adjusted shoring.

2010 - 2011

PERI develops new products for new markets.

New PERI subsidiaries

South Africa – 2011

LIWA Wall Formwork

The particularly lightweight and easy-to-handle wall formwork system is ideal in places where crane capacities are limited or not available at all.

UNO Housing Formwork

PERI introduces the UNO for the first time at bauma 2010. Walls, columns, slabs, beams and stairways are shuttered and concreted simultaneously using the monolithic construction method. UNO is the fast and cost-effective solution for forming residential buildings featuring frequently repetitive floor plans.

bauma 2010

bauma has turned into the world-leading trade fair for the construction equipment and machinery industry. PERI's impressive exhibition hall has a floor space of more than 4,000 m².

Expansion of international business activities

PERI buys the South African trade partner Wiehahn and successfully integrates it into the company group. The external growth strategy in South Africa is the first of its kind in the company's history.

Expansion of the Panama Canal with SCS Climbing System

The new construction of the giant lock facilities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts is the largest single order in the company's history. The use of big SCS climbing units renders the fabrication of the massive lock parts cost-effective.

2012 - 2013

Digital solutions made by PERI complete the existing product and services portfolio.

New PERI subsidiaries

Colombia – 2012
Algeria – 2012
Saudi Arabia – 2012
Kuwait – 2013
Iran - 2012

myPERI - the online portal

Up-to-date, transparent and available 24/7! PERI is the first manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding to offer its customers direct access to necessary information. All project documents can be called up online at any time.

Apps for the jobsite

PERI introduces new digital developments at bauma 2013. The PERI handbook has its premiere as an application for mobile devices. The company also presents applications to its visitors at the fair which can determine the concreting speed as well as a smartphone and tablet configurator for the MULTIFLEX Slab Formwork.

LPS Screen - The lightweight climbing protection panel with mesh enclosure

PERI has developed the lightweight LPS Screen protection panel system for buildings with open facades as an alternative for complete enclosures.

New office building in Weissenhorn

On the one hand, the established and the recently created departments are brought closer to one another and at the same time space for future requirements is created with the new building.

2014 - 2015

PERI grows in all areas. More than 60 subsidiaries now belong to the PERI Group.

New PERI subsidiaries

Philippines – 2014
Lebanon – 2014
Nigeria – 2014
Thailand – 2015
Hong Kong – 2015
Tanzania – 2015
Namibia – 2015
Mozambique – 2015

The PERI executive board is formed

In April 2014, Dr. Fabian Kracht becomes Head of Finance and Organization. From May 2015 on, Leonhard Braig joins PERI as Head of Products and Technology. (from the left) Dr. Fabian Kracht, Alexander Schwörer and Leonhard Braig

PERI founds own software company CENTRIO GmbH

Under the names of CENTRIO and CENTRIO CLM, PERI offers sustainable IT solutions for the digitalization of construction processes.

Expansion of girder production in Russia

The ultra-modern production site for VT 20 girders starts operation in Noginsk in Russia at the end of September 2015, and thus leads to a further increase of the production capacity.

Schaltec as part of PERI

The competitor Schaltec becomes part of the PERI Group. This enlarges PERI's portfolio by the adequate services of refurbishment and trade with used goods.

Highest concrete bridge pier in the world

The unique shape of the reinforced concrete pylons and the complexity of the mounted parts for the construction of the third bridge across the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey, have required a very flexible planning process – a complete solution from PERI with the ACS Self-Climbing Formwork.

2016 to date

The DUO lightweight universal formwork is successfully launched on the market.

New PERI subsidiaries

Morocco – 2016
Vietnam – 2017

Expansion of production capacities for scaffolding systems

The new production site in Günzburg, Germany is the latest, ultra-modern head plant for scaffolding systems. At the same time, PERI enlarges its outdoor storage area with 20,000 m² at the company's headquarters in Weissenhorn.

PERI UP Easy* Frame Scaffold

The PERI UP Easy Facade Scaffold is a “lightweight“ among the range of steel facade scaffolds. It is fast and safe to erect, provides extremely high safety standards for every application and proves itself with smart detail solutions.

DUO Lightweight Formwork

We present our worldwide novelty DUO for the first time at bauma 2016. DUO allows for flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs with only one system and without a crane.

* Please note that the German approval by the building authorities for PERI UP Easy has been applied for, but not been granted yet. Until such approval by the building authorities is granted, the application of PERI UP Easy is only allowed with a further individual approval. (Additional note from 29th August 2016)