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Concrete commitment: long-time partners BKH and PERI agree on deal for superior scaffolding solution

Mar 5, 2024

BKH and PERI strengthen a long-standing partnership, Australia

PERI Australia, a leading supplier of formwork, scaffolding and engineering equipment and services, and BKH Group, one of Australia’s leading formwork, scaffolding and concrete placement specialists, are delighted to announce a new investment partnership.

The long-standing relationship between the two companies has been significantly enhanced through the investment by BKH Group in more than 2,300 tonnes of PERI UP system scaffolding.

BKH Group, who have a strong record of delivering complex construction projects across the commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure sectors, have made the investment to meet future capacity and technical challenges expected by the group. With considerations in the construction sector such as stringent safety standards, strong cost control, skilled labour shortages and complex project design and delivery pathways, BKH Group is looking for a future-proofed system for access, shoring and working platform applications.

PERI UP is widely regarded as one of the most capable, efficient, and safe system scaffolds not only in Australia but around the world. Through their longstanding relationship in the formwork and concrete-pouring segments, BKH Group and PERI had already established a strong understanding.

PERI’s products across its entire range are designed to seamlessly integrate, providing great asset utilisation and flexibility when solving construction’s hardest problems and challenges. And thanks to extremely clever features such as self-locking ledgers, anti-uplift hooks, gap-free decking, and multi-use parts to enhance asset utilisation, PERI UP can offer BKH Group a safe, fast, efficient, and highly durable solution for the long-term.

With the combined capabilities of PERI’s systems and BKH Group’s experience and expertise, the aim of the investment is to unlock new opportunities in the market for both companies, by providing unique solutions to the market to enable construction more quickly, safely, on time and on budget.

BKH Group Director Ben Geisker commented that choosing PERI over other system scaffolds in the market will help them sustainably grow their business for the long-term benefit of their own customers and partners.  “BKH Group values the innovation and development that PERI brings to its product range. We see the benefits in the flexibility and adaptability that PERI’s system brings to the formwork, shoring, and scaffolding industry. We are glad to continue to further develop our capacity to deliver the full range of projects in these markets thanks to this most recent investment.”

Yannick Lelievre, Managing Director from PERI Australia/NZ said, “We would like to thank BKH Group for their continued support and trust in our products. Over the years, we have worked on many iconic projects together around Australia and New Zealand and we are thrilled to be able to provide them with tailored solutions that contribute to their business growth. At PERI we believe that our success is our customer’s success, and to deliver this we have to be a long-term partner. We want to work with our customers over decades, providing them with the best products and engineering so that they can confidently invest and grow in the market. We look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future.”